Hân hạnh gặp mặt

Vietnamese for: "It’s nice to meet you"

Our Story
Asia is the largest contient on the world and home to many different countires with their own exotic foods.  We at Jynn Cafe recognize that the variety of asian food is often forgotten  or commonly classified as "Chinese" Food.   Seeing this and  loving different types of food across all of Asia, we want to share  this variety of food with everyone.
By encorporating a variety of Asian sandwiches we hope that everyone will be able to explore the different culture and food of Asia without all the travel.
This way everyone that comes to Jynn Cafe will be experience their own  Asian Experience.
Most Asian foods are filled with nutritious veggietables and herbs that help with your immune system and overall health.  We have traveled and visited different asian countries and people to learn what dishes work well and what dishes would work best with our signature sandwiches.    We are commited to using local food vendors and wholesome foods to provide a wonderful and healthy dish.  

Come enjoy your own "Asian Experience".